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In conjunction with our 10th anniversary project Punk Yankees, Lucky Plush Productions presents, an homage to Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book (1971). This site is intended to stimulate discussion and interaction around questions about intellectual property and the value of dance.

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On this site you can:

STEAL our ongoing work on Punk Yankees: experimentation and research into to sampling, remixing, remembering, and appropriating physical movement.

Browse our research into sampling choreography from video sources.

What happens when we perform from memory?

Investigations into creating fusion dance forms.

Investigating the many ways that movement is transmitted, passed on, transformed and re-invented.

Experiments with ideas of affect, habit and persona.

Research into sampling and appropriation across media, including excerpts from our ongoing rehearsal process as we develop Punk Yankees.

BUY our company’s past works, as well as individual moves from a host of incredible donors.

Online shop where you can purchase a wide variety of dance moves and work excerpts!

Where you can purchase past works of Lucky Plush Productions.

Read how it all works on this site. Or doesn’t.

Are there dance moves on your shopping cart yet?

SHARE your additions and comments with us as we continue to unpack this complicated subject. Thanks for being part of the project!

Where you can sample our moves, and show it on this site. Donations welcome!

Lucky Plush Productions’ Punk Yankees move contest, stay tuned.

Closed contest – where the highest voted choreography will be performed at our upcoming evening-length concert.

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