Lineages & Derivatives

In this project we are interested in the many ways that movement is transmitted, passed on, transformed and re-invented. These videos show our personal experiments in following a specific movement lineage, and how derivative phrases are created in the process.

Lineage Trees

Lineage #1
Julia Rhoads remembers Brian Jeffery & XSIGHT, Kim Goldman re-choreographs Brian & XSIGHT, Julia impersonates Kim, Julia teaches her impersonation of Kim to Kim.
Lineage #2
Autumn Eckman remembers Twyla Tharp, Meghann Wilkinson re-choreographs Tharp in the style of Meghann, Asimina Chremos impersonates Meghann, Asimina teaches her impersonation of Meghann to Meghann.
Lineage #3
Kim remembers Larry Keigwin & Tere O’Connor, Lia Bonfilio re-choreographs Keigwin & O’Connor in the style of Lia, Kim creates a phrase impersonating Lia, Kim teaches her impersonation of Lia to Lia.
Lineage #4
Meghann remembers phrases by Jenny Shore & Laura Wade, Julia re-choreographs Shore & Wade in the style of Julia, Autumn impersonates Julia, Autumn teaches her impersonation of Julia to Julia.
Lineage #5
Lia remembers Jose Limon & Peter Carpenter, Asimina re-choreographs Limon & Carpenter in the style of Asimina, Lia impersonates Asimina, Lia teaches her impersonation of Asimina to Asimina.
Lineage #6
Meghann remembers Lisa Wymore, Autumn re-choreographs Wymore in the style of Autumn, Meghann impersonates Autumn, Meghann teaches her impersonation of Autumn to Autumn.


Derivative Duet
Kim Goldman and Asimina Chremos create a derivative duet of two rechoreographed combinations of memory samples.

Coming soon: 2 by 3

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