Memory Sampling

The following videos represent our research into sampling from memory – consisting of movement sequences we performed (or think we performed) in works of other choreographers. As our memories are imperfect, these samples may not be accurate representations of the choreographers we sample.

Memory Mash-ups

O’Carpenter #1
This is a mash-up of two memory samples, one from Tere O’Connor and one from Peter Carpenter.
O’Carpenter #2
Another Tere O’Connor + Peter Carpenter mash-up.
Memory Mash
A mash-up of all the individual memory samples listed below.

Individual Memory Samples

Memory Sample #1
Julia Rhoads remembers Brian Jeffery & XSIGHT! Performance Group.
Memory Sample #2
Autumn Eckmann remembers Twyla Tharp.
Memory Sample #3
Kim Goldman remembers Larry Kiegwin & Tere O’Connor.
Memory Sample #4
Meghann Wilkinson remembers phrases by Jenny Shore & Laura Wade.
Memory Sample #5
Lia Bonfilio remembers Jose Limon & Peter Carpenter.
Memory Sample #6
Meghann remembers Lisa Wymore.

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