Check out our new Video Sampling!

Posted in choreography, news, research, sampling on September 26th, 2009

Reality / Saudades M

Reality / Saudades M, Our latest video is an experiment as part of our upcoming Punk Yankees concert – the culmination of a year long study of “sampling” dance. Here we sample Ayman Harper and Mario Zambrano.

So You Think You Can Choreograph?

Posted in choreography, contests, research on September 10th, 2009
Join the project!

Join the project!

Submit your work and the public will decide!

The choreography with the highest number of votes will appear in Punk Yankees, our evening-length work premiering in October at The Dance Center of Columbia College. Click here for details.

Grand Prize:  2 tickets to the Punk Yankees benefit performance, where you can watch your moves being performed by Lucky Plush Productions.

Second Place:  10th anniversary season t-shirt with the appropriated Lucky Strike logo.

Read the submission guidelines, and browse our latest submissions.