Video Sampling

The following represents our research into sampling choreography from video sources (predominantly YouTube). We would like to acknowledge our belief that re-creating an exact movement sample is impossible since dance is ephemeral and mediated by individual bodies. But that doesn’t stop us from trying.

All The Single Ladies (Stole This Dance)

Composite Version
We sampled and mashed up over 30 iconic moments in dance. Can you name them all? Look for clues to help you.
On Location
… in a grocery store, in an open field, in a hotel lobby, in a black box studio …
How-To Instructional Video
A Single Ladies (Stole This Dance) tutorial.

More Video Sampling

Reality / Saudade M
An experiment as part of our upcoming Punk Yankees concert – the culmination of a year long study of “sampling” dance. Here we sample Ayman Harper and Mario Zambrano.
Ballet Boys, or Siegfried 2
We sample the Bolshoi Ballet’s Swan Lake pas de deux — but only the man’s part.
Batsheva (Seder Excerpt Video)
We sample and recontextualize an excerpt video of Ohad Naharin’s Batsheva.

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