Cheerleading + Butoh, performed by guest artist Elena (Adam Rose).

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3 Responses to “Cheer-toh”

  1. Christina Salerno Says:

    Great stuff……love the fusions. Makes me think how things would change if the dancers wore diffenent clothing…what you are doing is very though provoking, the dances entertain, yet require me to think very outside the box….

  2. Christina Salerno Says:

    By the way…Adam looks great as a blond cheerleader, maybe he should consider a career change…..I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley though!!!!!

  3. Luis Lopez-Maldonado Says:

    I will be having the world premier of my butoh solo this December and I thought the idea behind this specific fusion was great! I would have loved to see Elena without tights, and instead painted all white, like traditional Japanese butoh was… That would be very interesting and would change the tone of this solo even more :) Fun stuff!

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